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Wellness is a choice, and it is more than a diet or a commitment to exercise. Your well-being depends on creating balance between the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit (MBSS), and creating the habits to sustain it. That is where Life With Balance comes in.

Designed and developed by Michael Redd, lead coach at Coaching By Zen, Life With Balance guides you into a world of your own creation – with a few suggestions along the way. This program is supported with a partnership between you and your coach, who will help guide you, encourage you – and hold you accountable. 

This 30 day journal creates mindfulness of the things you can do every day to build that balance, while at the same time giving you the freedom to work within your own space. It’s 30 days of how to improve your mind through mental stimulation and activating your natural curiosity. It’s 30 days of nurturing your body with fuel, exercise, and sleep. It’s 30 days of learning about gratitude, and how to build your emotional connection with the people in your life. It’s 30 days of connecting with the bigger realities that surround us every day, our spirituality. It’s the first steps of creating a solid foundation for leading a more meaningful and purposeful life.

This program offers three sessions with your coach – a 60-minute intake session to get you started. A 30-minute check in midway through. A final 60-minute outtake to see the change and determine next steps. Your coach will walk with you all the way.

Our goal is to change the world, one life at a time. Why not start with yours?

Want to try it on your own?

While we always suggest working with a coach to develop habits that work over the long haul, some of us prefer to walk the path alone. We’re good with that! That’s why we also offer the journal, with instructions, so that you can begin your balance practice on your own. This package includes your copy or the 30-Day Wellness Journal, with instructions on how to use it. We believe in the coaching partnership, but we also believe in YOU!

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