Who I Am

Hi! My name is Michael (or as most people call me, “Coach Redd) and I am the author of the Leadership Zen philosophy and the founder of this Group. Coaching is a passion for me – strong enough that I left my previous career to start this one…and I have never looked back.

My passion lies in helping others become the best they can be. While this may sound trite, it really is my calling and why I started Coaching by Zen. Not only does it gives me the opportunity to impact people, but our platform and our community also helps other coaches grow thriving practices that allows us all to touch more lives.

What you can expect from me is empathy, not judgment. I approach the world from a place of balance which is what I try to help people achieve. Having worked globally in Corporate America as well my certifications and studies into a wide range of client strategies means we can approach your situation individually. There are no cookie cutter solutions in my toolkit.

What I Bring

I have worked hard to leverage both my experience and my curiosity to widen what I bring to my clients. While I am generally classified as a Life Coach, the label doesn’t really express what I do. Which is coach. In my experience the best partnerships between coach and client are based on openness and trust, and often that means taking paths that can be very unexpected but vital to achieving goals. That is why I have spent so much time actively cultivating a broader acumen that includes Life, Career, and Health and Wellness – and a whole lot in between.

As the author of a personal development philosophy, Leadership Zen, I have always been focused on the total you. I work to build a strong Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit connection from which we tailor specific strategies that are both actionable and effective. There are very few situations I have not come across, fewer that I have not been able to help clients manage. I also retain the humility to know when those moments do come. I am open to partnering with other coaches and professionals to ensure the very best for my clients.

Let’s Work Together

Take a chance and schedule an initial free consultation to discuss your goals of working with a coach, and to find that fit that helps us work together. As always I stand to leverage the entire Coaching By Zen practice, and look forward to you joining our growing family!

Changing the World, One Life at a Time.

Why not start with yours?

My Coaching Services

My Career Services

Leveraging the talented writers in our Career Services team, I am pleased to offer clients Resume Services to develop a comprehensive – and effective – professional package. Every resume is carefully designed and scored on both ATS (applicant tracking systems) and Recruiter Review. Not just for Career Coaching Clients anymore!

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